Maid for Submission

A Maids for It Novella

Winter 2013

Investigative journalist Ekaterina Tarasova needs to get out of Russia and fast. She finds her escape in the form of an online dating service called Maid for It. In exchange for her agreement to enter into a sexual relationship with one of the service’s clients, she can emigrate quickly and legally to the US. Desperate to put as much distance between herself and Russian authorities as possible, Katya jumps at the opportunity. After all, once she’s in the US, she can apply for political asylum.

As soon as her flight touches down in LA, however, she’s whisked to the home of her “mate”. Once she meets the handsome and compelling Lawrence O’Neill, Katya discovers she isn’t in a tearing rush to apply for asylum. After he introduces her to the pleasures of sexual submission, she’s even less inclined do so. That is, until Lawrence makes it clear he’s not the only person she’s expected to submit to. Katya knows she must leave or risk becoming nothing but a sexual plaything, but how can she now that she’s learned she’s made for submission?

Excerpt coming soon!


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