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One of the best things about being in control of your own books is that, when something clearly isn’t working, you can change it. It’s pretty clear to me at this point that the original cover of Maid for Pleasure isn’t working. It isn’t that it’s not a great cover. It’s just that it’s too similar to the cover of Maid for It, especially in thumbnail that I suspect people are confused and think it’s the same book. Take a look:

Granted, they aren’t EXACTLY the same, and when you see them side by side, the difference between them is clearer, but if you’re browsing Amazon or B&N or wherever and you see only one of the two covers, if you’ve read one, you might think it’s the one you’re looking at when it really isn’t. Since I’ve seen a steady decline in sales of Maid for It since Maid for Pleasure came out, and poor sales for Maid for Pleasure from the get-go, I think it’s safe to say these covers together are confusing and/or not enticing readers to click to read more. And I’m convinced if they clicked to read more, they would be buying. I know the problem isn’t the books themselves, although they are certainly niche books. After all, Maid for It sold well when it first came out.

So, I asked my wonderful cover designer, Robin, to “reboot” the covers for me and she came back with this stunning new design for Maid for Pleasure:

Brilliant, I think. The change in the color wash, as well as the different image (which, by the way, didn’t exist back when I had the original cover done or I would have chosen it; if you’ve read Maid for Pleasure, you know how perfect it is!), should make the two books much easier to distinguish from each other while still giving them a “series” look. I also think the red pops nicely in thumbnail:

As an added bonus, she redid the color wash on Maid for Submission as well:

I’m very excited about this new look for the series and I can’t wait to get the final files from my artist to upload them to retailers!


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