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I’m afraid I’m a bit of an intermittent blogger (all right, a very intermittent one!) and rarely post anything here unless I’ve got news to report but…hey, this is news. I’m part of the Summer Nights Erotica Bloghop organized by the terrific Skye Warren. Over a hundred authors are getting together to celebrate the season–that hot, sweaty time of year when everyone’s running around in next to nothing and…well, things happen ;).

As it happens, my latest novella, Maid for Pleasure, is set on a tropical island where it’s pretty much summer all year round and things (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more) are always happening! Want to know more? Here you go:

Insurance actuary Libby Beckett is the epitome of a successful, independent, modern woman. With her six figure salary, she has a condo overlooking the beach, a BMW, and a closet full of fabulous shoes. So why isn’t she happy? And why do her fantasies always involve whips, bondage, and sexual slavery? Her desires are impossible to explain her buttoned-down accountant boyfriend, which is why when she stumbles across a website for a quasi-dating service for submissive women called Maid for It, she signs up. She’s quickly “matched” to Gavin Huntley, an engineer and inventor possessed of a small fortune and his own private island off the Caribbean coast. After carefully weighing the risks and rewards, as any good actuary should do, Libby breaks it off with her boyfriend and heads to Gavin’s island for what she promises herself will be two weeks to explore her darkest, dirtiest desires. When her time is up, she’ll say her safe word and, as outlined in Maid for It’s contract, Gavin will be required to release her.

But Gavin knows what Libby truly needs, and it’s not to be free. She’s made for pleasure—his pleasure—and he intends to put her to good use. Forever.

Intrigued? Post a comment below and let me know what island paradise you’d most like to be held captive on by a sexy dominant and you could win one of the following prizes:

  1. A $100 gift card to the fun online sex shop, Eden Fantasys
  2. A digital gift basket with over 40 erotica books to fill your Kindle

To visit all the authors in the Summer Blog Hop and get even more opportunities to win prizes, click here.


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