Maid for Pleasure Is Available Now

Outlets that receive ebooks from Smashwords like Sony, Kobo, and Apple won’t have it for a while, but you can now pick up your copy of Maid for Pleasure at the following retailers:

I’ll post links to other retailers as they become available. In the meantime, I offer this smutty little excerpt to whet your appetite:

He pushes his plate aside then eyes my still very full one. “You’ve hardly eaten anything. Don’t you like it?”

“It’s delicious.” That’s an honest answer. He’s an amazing cook, which is something I didn’t expect. But then, if you live on a tiny island with only a few hundred other people, there probably aren’t a whole lot of dining options other than cooking for yourself or going hungry. “I’m just…not that hungry.”

Also honest. My stomach—and regions south—are too tied up in knots to feel like eating.

He gives me a smile that is twenty degrees hotter than the sun in August and shakes his head. “Well, we can’t have that. You have to keep your strength up for what I have in mind for you, Liberty.” Scooting back from the table a few more inches, he pats his lap. “Come over here and bring your plate with you.”

I remember sitting in his lap last night while he fed me. Then I was too exhausted to either object or to be aroused by his touch. I can’t say the same tonight. If I sit on his lap now and feel his cock beneath my ass, his sculpted chest behind my back, I fear I might spontaneously combust.

“That’s all right. I’ll eat,” I say, forking a large bite into my mouth as proof.

His eyes narrow, and his jaw sets. “That wasn’t a request, pet.”

Oh. My heart flutters, and a fresh wave of lust washes down my belly. Sometimes, when he lets his guard down and talks to me like he has been, I forget what I’ve signed up for here.

Choking down my last mouthful, I get up from my chair, acutely conscious of the fact that I’m not wearing panties and that my pussy is wet and swollen with need. The second I sit down, Gavin will know just exactly how aroused I am. And there’s no doubt in my mind he’s going to use it against me somehow.

I drag my plate around the table as I walk to him. Knowing it’ll be easier to get through this if I don’t think about it too much, I deliberately don’t look down as I prepare to sit in his lap.

His hands are suddenly on my hips as I bend, and before I can question why, I feel it…the head of his cock against my entrance. I freeze for a second. I’ve waited so long for the moment of penetration that I almost can’t believe he means to go through with it. That he’s not teasing me yet again.


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