Announcing My Next Release: Damaged Goods

When I finished and published Maid for It back in August, I was already plotting my next book, which I’d hoped to have ready for release by late this month or early next. Unfortunately, life intervened and I’ve had very little writing time, plus I discovered when I sat down to write the book that the story and conflicts weren’t as clear to me as I’d initially thought. That meant I had to go back to the drawing board and rethink a bit before I could dive in.

But now I’m happy to say that I think I have the story pretty well nailed down and Damaged Goods should be ready for release by late January or early February. I already have lovely cover art and cover copy to share. I hope to have an excerpt ready for posting in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

Cover Copy

Smuggled into the United States as a child and forced into the sex trade, Halina doesn’t even know her last name, much less how to be anything but a whore. When vice detective Justin Vint busts the brothel she’s worked in for the last five years and “frees” her, Halina is anything but grateful. With no education beyond what she’s learned from television and books, no place to live but a shelter for battered women where she doesn’t begin to fit in, and no skills other than the ability to give great head and a good fuck, freedom looks a hell of a lot like nothing to lose. And she knows exactly who’s to blame…and senses who he really is beneath that cool, upstanding façade.

Justin has always been careful to keep his private and professional lives separate; his superiors probably wouldn’t understand the concept of an erotic Master-slave relationship, let alone condone it. And if anyone ever got a gander at his “playroom,” he’d probably be locked up with the scum he’s normally charged with arresting. But even though he’s adept at concealing this aspect of his personality, his restraint is challenged when he meets Halina. Not only is she achingly beautiful, she’s also the most perfect submissive he’s ever encountered, but she’s damaged goods. Under any other circumstances, he’d make her his slave in a heartbeat, but given her past, he’s both honor- and duty-bound to set her on the path to a safe, vanilla life.

Too bad Halina has other ideas.


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