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More Places to Get Maid for It

Since I posted last week, I’ve gotten Maid for It uploaded to a few more sites. It’s now available on All Romance eBooks and Barnes & Noble. Links below.

All Romance eBooks

Barnes and Noble


Happy Release Day(s) to Me!

Yesterday, I uploaded Maid for It to Smashwords and Amazon. This afternoon, I uploaded it to Goodreads, too. As of today, the book is available for purchase at both sites. Because I’m using Smashwords to distribute the book to Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, and the iBookstore, it will probably be some time before you can purchase it on those sites. Sorry, I wish it were faster, but that’s one of the things I can’t control.

For now, here are buy links to all the places you can currently get a copy of the novella:

And of course, I’ll ad more buy links as they become available.